A delegation of Santa Clarita residents concerned about over-development are expected to drive to Los Angeles today in a show of support for a Los Angeles politician trying to stop the Newhall Ranch development.

Teresa Savaikie, a Saugus mother and environmental activist, said she and a handful of like-minded residents will support a motion opposing the proposed development of 21,000 homes east of Stevenson Ranch.

She and her supporters are prepared to support Los Angeles City District 7 Councilmember Richard Alarcon who made the recommendation, but who also has endorsed the proposed Las Lomas development of 5,800 units in the Newhall pass.

Critics of both developments have expressed concern over increased traffic through the pass.

“It doesn’t matter, both developments are bogus,” Savaikie said. “We need a clean and healthy environment. Why isn’t everybody screaming about this?”

Alarcon recently introduced a motion asking the city of Los Angeles to examine large land developments, such as the Newhall Ranch project, that might impact negatively on the health, well-being and quality of life of Los Angeles residents.

He made the motion in response to a County of Los Angeles Department of Regional Planning’s recommendation to approve the Landmark Village development, the first of four housing developments in the area referred to as Newhall Ranch.

Today’s protest of the Newhall Ranch development by concerned Santa Clarita residents is expected to be made at the Planning & Land Use Management Committee.

Savaikie said she will submit letters in support of Alarcon’s motion from various organizations opposing the Newhall Ranch project.

She and her supporters (which are expected to include a couple of members of the local Audobon Society) say both developments should be stopped.

“I’m very very happy that the city of Los Angeles is looking at this.

It’s about time,” Savaikie said, adding that the jobs to housing ratio is out-of-line.

Santa Clarita needs to stop residents commuting to Los Angeles, she said.

“When it comes to jobs-to-housing, we’re not keeping up,” Savaikie said. “We have far too many people commuting to and from L.A. in order to support their mortgage.”

Savaikie is also opposed to other development projects in Santa Clarita Valley, proposed along the Santa Clara River such as Spring Canyon Project as well as the Tick Canyon Project.

“The Newhall Ranch project will mean 357,000 traffic trips on average per day, more gridlock, more pollution, more traffic,” she said.

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