Living in FivePoint Valencia®

on Newhall Ranch

Your life, your way…

 is the first thing that comes to mind when I think of living in the new homes in Valencia. There will be something for everyone here.

Being the first of its kind in California, FivePoint Valencia® on Newhall Ranch is being created with the idea of bringing people together to live, work and play in a sustainable and environmentally friendly way.

The future belongs to those who see the possibilities before they become obvious.

John Scully

Your Home

The new homes in Valencia will eventually include a variety of sizes and price points. It will offer single-family traditional, single-family detached, townhomes, rental apartments, stacked flats, senior 55+, and affordable housing.

The FivePoint Valencia on Newhall Ranch project will feature homes that are being built with energy efficiency in mind and include open, spacious floor plans, high-tech enhanced interiors, solar power, and electric vehicle charging stations. The brilliantly designed, master-planned community will make it easy to work, shop, and play close to home.


Solar powered electrical grid

Electric vehicle charging station

Energy efficient construction

High tech enhanced interior

Your School

How delightful is it to think of your children going to a brand new, light and airy, “green” built, high tech school? Right?

FivePoint Valencia, as proposed now, will feature 7 new schools – 5 elementary schools, 1 middle school, and 1 high school.

There is no doubt that the award-winning and educational excellence found in Santa Clarita will be found in Valencia as well.

It was recently announced that Neighborhood Electric Vehicle (N.E.V. aka golf cart) parking areas will be incorporated into some of the homes being built for quick and gas-free trips to and from school!

Your Work

Living and working within your own community is a dream come true for many.

That is exactly how FivePoint, the developer of Valencia on Newhall Ranch imagined life should be in their new community.

When finished, there will be 11.5 million square feet of job-generating facilities creating 75,000 permanent jobs.



Your Play

Connecting to the outdoors for a healthy and energetic lifestyle is the main theme of Valencia.

Maybe your play is grabbing a friend, walking to the café around the corner to sit outside and relax in the fresh air catching up over a cup of coffee. Perhaps taking your family to the soccer field, baseball field, tennis courts or playgrounds, pools and parks is what you imagine.

Or, even setting out for a 5-mile hike/picnic through the 10,000 acres of open space either along the free-flowing Santa Clara River or high in some of the most beautiful mountains you have ever seen. Whatever your passion for play is, Valencia on Newhall Ranch will have it.

Your Neighborhood

Awe-inspiring is how I think of the neighborhoods of Valencia on Newhall Ranch.

Knowing that the net carbon footprint upon the earth will be ZERO is just one of the many reasons that I get excited about the Newhall Ranch Development. Here are some of the others:

Currently proposed and subject to change:

8 distinctly unique, “walkable friendly” neighborhoods to call home

11 new neighborhood and community parks, many with pools and community centers

10,000 acres of dedicated open space

50 miles of new trails throughout the communities, along the river, and high into the mountains.

Uninterrupted High Country Open Space area larger than Griffith Park and New York’s central park combined.

4 Fire Stations

A Police Station

A Public library

Neighborhood Electric Vehicle (N.E.V.) network

Carshare and bike-share programs

Electric public transit connecting to Metrolink and mobility hubs.

Comprehensive water conservation program to recycle millions of gallons of water per day which will then be used to water public open space, parks and commercial properties.


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