Mission Village

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NOTE:  The above links are directed to the Los Angeles County Planning Department website.  It goes directly to the Mission Village page.  The tract map file above on the right will take FOREVER to download because it is a 21-page massive file, but if you are patient, it is a lot of fun to explore what’s going where and see all the details of the tracts.  Enjoy ~  I truly spend hours looking around!

Mission Village: The Details

Mission Village will be the very first neighborhood built in the Newhall Ranch Development.

Exemplary in nature, thoughtfully planned, this new Urban Village is founded on America’s Smart Growth principles.

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  • Tentative Tract Map No. 061105
  • Newhall Ranch Specific Plan
  • 1262 Acre Site
  • Homes – 351 Single Family
  • Homes – 3,704 Multi-family / Condo
  • Commercial / Office / Retail – 1,555,100 Sq. Ft.
  • School – Elementary
  • Hotel
  • Fire station
  • Library
  • Parks – 4
  • Recreation Centers – Private 3
  • Transit Center
  • Trails
  • Spineflower Preserve – 3 – 85 Acres Total
  • Open Space – 693 Acres

Mission Village is being created as an Urban Village with interrelated neighborhoods that allow for residential, mixed-use (a combination of residential and commercial in a single property) and commercial.  Efforts were made to preserve significant natural resources, contour the building along the free-flowing landforms of the hills, valleys, and rivers and to the careful preservation of open areas.

In the heart of Mission Village will be the Village Center which, as arranged, will reduce vehicle miles and encourage pedestrian interaction.  Civic and public-use buildings will be prominently located and will frame the community.  The Village Center will be a mix of retail, office, and residential properties.  

The designs of the residential neighborhoods surrounding the Village Center will reflect the rich California heritage of Newhall Ranch.

Mission Village is currently under construction with model homes estimated to be available sometime in the mid-first quarter of 2021.  To stay informed as to the development’s progress, feel free to subscribe to the news below.



Mission Village Color Coded Development Map

Mission Village Color Coded Phasing Map



Mission Village has been broken into 4 building phases.  All 4 phases are under construction, which in addition to residential homes will be commercial and retail establishments.  They hope to push out about 1000 residential units per year.

UPDATE: 07/22/2020


Because of the Covid-19 lockdowns, construction on the site has ceased for now.  Not being sure when work will resume, at this point Newhall Ranch model homes are not expected to be opening until sometime in the first quarter of 2021.


Information is subject to change.

Mission Village Drone Flyover Video

April 2020

Information is subject to change.

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