Mission Village

Mission Village: The Details


Mission Village is the very first neighborhood built in the FivePoint Valencia / Newhall Ranch Development.

Exemplary in nature, thoughtfully planned, this new Urban Village is founded on America’s Smart Growth principles.

  • 1262 Acre Site
  • Homes – 351 Single-Family Homes
  • Homes – 3,704 Multi-family / Duplex / Triplex / Townhome / Single-Family Patio Homes / Stacked Flats
  • Commercial / Office / Retail – 1,555,100 Sq. Ft.
  • School – Elementary
  • Hotel
  • Fire station
  • Library
  • Parks – 4
  • Recreation Centers – Private 3
  • Transit Center
  • Trails
  • Spineflower Preserve – 3 – 85 Acres Total
  • Open Space – 693 Acres
  • Built according to the Newhall Ranch Specific Plan – the initial comprehensive guide to the development of Newhall Ranch
  • Tentative Tract Map No. 061105



Mission Village 

Coming Soon!

“Traditional” single-family homes now added to the lineup of homes coming to FivePoint Valencia®

FivePoint Valencia® recently announced in a press release that the new Valencia Homes would have “a wide range of housing opportunities” available at many different price levels.  The homes introduced as coming soon were a wonderful mix of home types. However, I couldn’t help but notice that a “traditional” single-family home was not among the mix.

Today, March 31, 2021, that changed when I receive an announcement that “traditional” single-family homes would be part of the growing list of Valencia homes. The models are currently under construction and will be opening soon!  YAY!

The date for the Valencia Homes Grand Opening event has not been announced yet, but it is rumored to be “coming soon”.  When I know the exact date, I will let you know.

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The  “Collections” Map of FivePoint Valencia®

This map is a partial first phase map of 12 of the 18 new collections that will be released soon in FivePoint Valencia®.

List of Home Types Coming to FivePoint Valencia®

Because of trademark regulations, I am unable to post pictures and new home information on my website.  I can give you the information directly. Please feel free to call me at 661-478-4784 or email me directly at Wendy@RanchOnTheRiver.com.



A “Stacked Flat” is an apartment-type home that you own.  The individual unit is one story high.  The building is three stories high.


A “Townhome” is a mutiple unit complex.  Each unit has one or more common walls and is usually 2 – 3 stories high.

They are sometimes also referred to as “attached homes.”


A Single Family – “Detached” home is a single-family home designated as a “condominium” project.  It is also known as a “Single Family Patio Home”.  They have smaller lots and often have common “private”  driveways. These are great for people that want the single-family home feel without the maintenance that goes along with having a bigger yard.


A Single Family – “Traditional” home usually has a front yard, back yard, park able driveway, and is accessed on a public street.  The single family traditional home lots in Mission Village run from 4,000 sq. ft. up to 35,000 sq. ft.

If you would like to know which builder is building which type of home, please CLICK HERELet me know which type of home you are interested in and I will send you a link to that builder’s website.

Integration of Thoughtful Design


Mission Village, the first village under construction in FivePoint Valencia is considered to be the main “hub” of the entire Newhall Ranch development project.

Often described as “the city of the future”, according to Emile Haddad, FivePoint CEO, Mission Village is set to include 1.5 million square feet of commercial space.

FivePoint intends to target health care providers, life science companies, and lifestyle-focused uses.


“The community will be a model of balance between social equity and environmental justice.  It will deliver a wide range of housing opportunities in one of the most constrained housing markets in the country and is being developed as the largest net-zero greenhouse gas emission community of its kind in America.”

Being created as an urban center, Mission Village will feature a combination of residential, mixed-use (a combination of residential and commercial in a single property), and commercial properties.


Efforts were made to safeguard significant natural resources with the preservation of many open areas within the communities.  Also, substantial efforts were made to contour the building of Mission Village by following the natural, free-flowing landforms of the hills, valleys, and rivers of the Santa Susana mountain landscape.

In the heart of Mission Village will be the Village Center which, as arranged, will reduce vehicle miles and encourage pedestrian interaction.  Civic and public-use buildings will be prominently located and will frame the community.  




in Mission Village

Construction Planning Map

You can see this map in FULL DETAIL and with the LEGEND by clicking on the “Mission Village Full Page Tract Map” button below.


The above links are directed to the Los Angeles County Planning Department website.  It goes directly to the Mission Village planning page.  The full page tract map link above is a HUGE 40 MB document and requires Adobe Acrobat Reader to use efficiently.  Enjoy ~  I truly spend hours looking around!  It is fascinating to see what is coming to Mission Village.



  1. All the pictures in this section come from the Los Angeles County Planning Department Mission Village Map.

Mission Village Color Coded Development and Phasing Map

Mission Village has been broken into 4 building phases.  In addition to residential homes, each phase may feature commercial and retail establishments.  FivePoint, the developer of the project, hoped to release 1,000 residential units per year.  So far, they have released 1,268 units to the builders of Phase 1 and 2 of FivePoint Valencia®.

Mission Village Drone Flyover Video

April 2020

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