Newhall Ranch Villages

There are 5 “villages” of the Newhall Ranch Specific Plan which are known as Homestead North, Homestead South, Mission Village, Landmark Village and Potrero Valley.

In addition, I am including the homes in the new tracts of Entrada North, Entrada South and Legacy Village which are the final tracts being built under the Valencia Master Plan that was established in 1960’s.

The information I am providing for you today comes directly from the Los Angeles County Regional Planning and Development offices in Los Angeles, CA.


Source – Photo Map Courtesy of FivePoint

Newhall Ranch Specific Plan                     Village Map

Each Newhall Ranch Village is being strategically designed to have its own unique “environment” or “feeling” if you will. All of the villages are being built with the environment and friendly “walkable” neighborhood communities in mind.


Source – Photo Map Courtesy of FivePoint®

Newhall Ranch Specific Plan Tract Maps and Tract Information Details

For detailed information on each of the Tracts, please click on the buttons underneath the pictures below.

Currently Under Construction

Still in the Planning Stages

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