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The Newhall Ranch Development Project

The Newhall Ranch Development Project in California, which had been on the drawing board for over 30 years, has finally begun.

The Newhall Ranch Project, which is now being referred to as “Valencia” so I call it Valencia’s Newhall Ranch, is the up and coming FivePoint®, 15,000 acre, 20,000 home, mega real estate development.  It finally broke ground in mid-2017.

It was recently announced by Fivepoint® that they sold 781 home sites to builders and may possibly have model homes in the beautiful new master-planned community available sometime around mid to late summer of 2020.

However, that may change at any time, so be sure to sign up on the “Subscribe to News” below.  I will keep you posted the minute I know something more definite!

Now that it has begun, as the development of Newhall Ranch progresses, I will provide pictures, videos and detailed information on all the new homes, schools, parks, shopping, retail and commercial developments as they arrive.  I am very excited to share the progress of this “first of it’s kind in the world” development as it happens!



Newhall Ranch aka Valencia’s Newhall Ranch is located just west of the beautiful Santa Clarita Valley in California. It lies for several miles along the winding curves of the Santa Clara River – hence the name of this website, “Ranch on the River.”

In 1875, Henry Mayo Newhall purchased the Spanish land grant, “Rancho San Francisco”, with over 46,000 acres of beautiful mountains and a lush river valley running between them. A good majority of that property, held by the Newhall family for over a century, would later become known as the Santa Clarita Valley.

I watched with continued fascination as Newhall Ranch, the final piece of that original 46,000 acres, began development.  It took over 30 years to get through the development process after they faced a multitude of lawsuits and California’s mountain of red-tape.

In March of 2019, Emile Haddad, Fivepoint’s CEO, announced that Newhall Ranch would now be referred to as Valencia. It’s a little tough to get used to after all this time, but I’m working on it so bear with me while I adjust myself and this website to the change.

In the meantime, be sure to come back often so I can keep you up to date on “Everything Valencia’s Newhall Ranch”.

On the Map: Santa Clarita Valley, CA

Valencia’s Newhall Ranch is located west of Santa Clarita and south of the Santa Clara river on a sprawling 15,000 acres.

Newhall Ranch Development

The City of the Future, Valencia’s Newhall Ranch

Watch the Video on Newhall Ranch Development Progress

Exclusive footage only available here on Ranch on the River

Valencia’s Newhall Ranch is being developed to be an unprecedented “city of the future”.

Currently referred to as Valencia’s Newhall Ranch AND “Net Zero Newhall” as in “zero net greenhouse gas emissions”, the world will be watching as it is slated to become the largest and most energy-efficient, master-planned development ever created.

The Santa Clarita Valley is such a beautiful place to live, development is inevitable.  My feeling is, however, if it must happen, I want it to be spectacular! Through all my research on what is on the drawing board for this “first of its kind” real estate development, “spectacular” is what I have seen so far!

Ranch on the River will be “ever-evolving” as it documents the development as it is built over the next 20 plus years. Come back often to see what’s new and exciting! We can watch “spectacular” happen together.


10,000 acres of open space & 50 miles of new trails

Residential & commercial vehicle charging stations

21,500 highly energy efficient residences

Net zero increase in greenhouse gas emissions

Get updates on what’s going on with the Valencia’s Newhall Ranch development

The Villages

Valencia’s Newhall Ranch will be built in 5 sections called “Villages”. They are Mission Village, Landmark Village, Homestead North, Homestead South & Potrero

Each Village is being strategically designed to have its own unique “environment” or “feeling” if you will. All of them are being built with the environment and friendly “walkable” neighborhood communities in mind.

The first two Villages, Mission Village and Landmark Village, were finally approved unanimously by the Los Angeles County Board of Supervisors on July 18, 2017. I was there when it happened. I watched Mr. Emile Haddad speak to the county supervisors and heard the gavel hit the desk for the final approval! It was quite a moving moment for me to watch the faces and reactions of all the men and women that had worked so hard, for so long, to finally be victorious.

Groundbreaking took place shortly thereafter and seems to be progressing at a breakneck pace. I guess if I waited 30 years and spent millions of dollars trying to get it approved, I would move quickly too!

Footnote: Entrada North, Entrada South & Legacy Village

In the content of this website I refer to Entrada North, Entrada South and Legacy Village as being a part of the Newhall Ranch Development. Entrada North, Entrada South, and Legacy Village are actually part of the Valencia Master Planned Development started back in the late 1960’s.

Because the Entradas and Legacy Village are so closely entwined with Newhall Ranch, I decided to include them in Ranch on the River so you can keep up with all the projects with one easy click.


If you look behind Magic Mountain in Valencia, you will see the infrastructure in the beginning stages for Landmark Village and Mission Village being created.  The other Villages, are still in various stages of the Los Angeles County building approval process.  I will keep you posted as I know more on all of these as they get approved.


My Vision for the Ranch on the River Website

The idea for the Ranch on the River website culminated because of simple frustration I experienced in my 40 + years as a Realtor.

When listing and selling homes, I often thought how nice it would be if there was someplace, I could go that would have all the information available on the home and the surrounding community from when it was originally built.

Many of the developer and builder websites will show homes, retail and commercial centers as they become available, however, once they are sold or fully leased, they usually are marked “SOLD OUT” and then within a few months will disappear from their site altogether.

However, on this site, the original pictures, videos, sales brochures and informational documents of everything built within Valencia’s Newhall Ranch will remain on this site in perpetuity. In other words, things like pictures of the original model homes, individual floor plan drawings, CC&Rs, HOA, and Mello Roos, sales brochures and any other pertinent documents will all continue to be available long into the future.

Below are some of the information page links you can look forward to seeing soon. As information becomes available, the links will be activated. Hopefully, you will bookmark this page and make this your “go-to” website for everything you ever wanted to know about Valencia’s Newhall Ranch.




One Last Thing…
On A More Personal Note

One day, on my way to visit my daughter and grandchildren in Huntington Beach, before I started my website, I went to the Great Park Neighborhood development in Orange County that FivePoint® is currently building.

I drove around for a bit. I wanted to see what their current “culture” of building was all about. I was so impressed with the “feel” that I got from the community that honestly, a sense of calm and relief came over me almost instantly. If this is anything like how they will build in MY home town, then I welcome them with open arms.

The homes from each builder were unique, beautiful and had well thought out floor plans. They were not in any way the “cookie-cutter” style that everyone, including myself, is so worried about. The neighborhood parks and community centers screamed: “come out and play and be social”! There were walking and bike paths everywhere.

So, if you have any angst about what is happening with Valencia’s Newhall Ranch and FivePoint®, or if you are excited and curious about what we may see up here in Valencia’s Newhall Ranch, take a drive to Great Park Neighborhood, I think you’ll be glad you did!


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