Roads and Streets

Roads and Streets of FivePoint Valencia

Roads and Streets

Driving around FivePoint Valencia

Questions have arisen about how you will get in, out, and around in FivePoint Valencia, so let’s find out!

Many of the same streets you see in the existing community of Valencia will play a major role in the newest section of Valencia.

Magic Mountain Parkway, Valencia Blvd., Commerce Center Parkway, and Westridge Parkway will intersect through the development in various places.
New roads and streets you will see are Long Canyon and Potrero Canyon.

Old favorites like Pico Canyon and Poe Parkway will eventually intersect with Valencia Blvd., as they travel through Legacy Village and Potrero Valley.

Originally, several bridges were to be built over the Santa Clara River to connect to Henry Mayo Drive (Hwy 126), but for environmental reasons, it was decided to keep it at 2 crossings.

Long Canyon and Commerce Center Drive will be the north end connections to Hwy 126 and beyond!

For now, until the other Neighborhoods of Valencia are created, the main roads to go in and out will be Magic Mountain Parkway, Commerce Center Drive, and Westridge Parkway out to Valencia Blvd.

Map of Proposed Major Roads in FivePoint Valencia

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