Potrero Valley

The Neighborhoods of FivePoint Valencia

Potrero Valley Planning Tract Map No. 61911

Status: Not Approved – Construction Date Unknown

Potrero Valley is still in the planning stages through LA County Regional Planning. No start date has been established.

On the Horizon For Potrero Valley

  • LA County Tract Map No. 61911
  • Newhall Ranch Specific Plan

  • 2,500 Acre Site

  • 1,614 Single Family Traditional Homes

  • 3,221 Multi-Family Homes / Townhomes

  • 245,000 sq ft. Commercial / Office / Retail Space

  • Elementary School

  • Library

  • Fire Station

  • Three Parks

  • Five Recreation Areas

  • Visitor Center

  • 1,463 Acre Open Space

  • 14.8 Acre Spineflower Preserve

NOTE: All improvements listed above are as stated on the original building plan for tract #61911. The plan is subject to change at any time and may or may not be built as proposed.

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