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Valencia Neighborhoods

The Newhall Ranch/FivePoint Valencia master-planned community

Valencia, in its entirety, will showcase a remarkable collection of 8 distinct neighborhoods, each meticulously designed to possess its own unique atmosphere and style.

These neighborhoods will be seamlessly interconnected through a network of picturesque and secure Paseos, bike paths, neighborhood electric vehicle paths, as well as scenic walking and hiking trails, promoting both accessibility and an enhanced outdoor lifestyle.

Valencia Neighborhood Map

Valencia’s neighborhoods are being built under two distinct building plans. The original map to the left shows the boundaries of each plan.

  • Entrada North and South and Legacy Village are part of the original Valencia Master Plan established in the 1960s.
  • Homestead North and South, Landmark Village, Mission Village (now known as Confluence Village) and Potrero Valley are part of the Newhall Ranch Specific Plan from 2003.
  • The development was originally named Newhall Ranch but changed to “FivePoint Valencia” by FivePoint in 2019. They felt it would continue the award-winning legacy and tradition of master planned excellence of Valencia.

Everything You Need Where You Need it

The new Valencia “Neighborhoods” will offer an inclusive community where homes, offices, shops, restaurants, schools, parks, and entertainment venues are conveniently located together.

This proximity encourages residents to stay closer to home, reducing traffic and providing more quality time for activities that matter to them. It creates a vibrant and interconnected environment that enhances the overall quality of life for its residents.

While you are exploring the new and future neighborhoods, please keep in mind that the neighborhoods proposed in the Newhall Ranch Specific Plan and the Valencia Master Plan are subject to change at any time and may or may not be constructed as originally planned.

Confluence Village

STATUS – APPROVED | Construction Began in March 2021

The Confluence Village (formerly Mission Village) Tract Map is the first to be built in Valencia. Approved in 2017 and opened in 2021, exemplary in nature, thoughtfully planned, this new Urban Village is founded on America’s Smart Growth principles.

Landmark Village

STATUS – APPROVED | Construction Date Unknown

Boosters describe Landmark Village as a quaint small-town neighborhood with condos, porch-front homes, and corner stores. This 230 acre neighborhood will sit adjacent to the 126 and 5 freeways for easy commuting.

Entrada North

STATUS – NOT APPROVED | Construction Date Unknown

Entrada North, which is part of the Valencia Master Plan – “entrada” meaning entrance – is envisioned as a new Town Center with shopping, dining, and entertainment surrounded by 1,150 multi-family residential units. This community is still in the planning stages with no start date at this time.

Entrada South

STATUS – NOT APPROVED | Construction Date Unknown

Entrada South in Newhall Ranch at the FivePoint Valencia development is located south of Magic Mountain, west of Interstate 5 and north of the Westridge tract in Valencia. It is still in the planning stages. No date has been given for completion as of yet.

Homestead South

STATUS – NOT APPROVED | Construction Date Unknown

Homestead South is currently in the planning stages at LA County Regional Planning. A construction date has not been set at this time.

Legacy Village

STATUS – NOT APPROVED | Construction Date Unknown

Legacy Village is one of the last Villages to be developed in the Valencia Master Plan. It’s expected to include senior living, a new fire department and lots of retail space. It is currently in planning review with LA County with no estimate of when construction will begin.

Potrero Valley

STATUS – NOT APPROVED | Construction Date Unknown

Potrero Valley is still in the planning stages through LA County Regional Planning. No start date has been established. It is planned to sit on the southern-most section of the FivePoint community project.

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