The quickest way to California from Tennessee was via Panama. In late 1849, the group of friends boarded a ship called “Panama” at New Orleans, then crossed the Isthmus by canoe and made it up the Chagres River. They then went by mule back to Panama City.

Henry had fallen ill and was unable to continue to travel. When their names were called to go on the ship to San Francisco, his friends unfortunately went on without him, but he understood. It was not until June 17, 1850 that he was finally able to travel and boarded Pacific Mail Steamship Company steamer ship named “PANAMA” and made it to San Francisco on July 6, 1850.

He then bought a ticket to get down to Stockton to work in the Douglas Flat area. A few months later cold and broke he returned to Stockton where he auctioned off his clothes to make enough money to return to San Francisco in order to get a ticket back home to TN. He made $300 for his clothes. He paid $16 for his ticket back to San Francisco.