Southern Pacific Railroad finished its line to Ventura which required it running the entire length of the Rancho San Francisco.

After continuing to live lavish lifestyles after the death of their father, the families of the 5 sons put an increasing burden on the company. Thinking of the Ranchos a financial, against their father’s wishes, the family to sell two of the Ranchos. Fortunately, none of them sold at that time.

When the Southern Pacific Railroad completed its line, a railroad station was built in “Old Town” (formerly Newhall before it moved) and was re-named “SAUGUS” which was Henry Mayo Newhall’s birthplace.

This is the Saugus Train Station. It was located on Railroad Avenue, just across from the Saugus Cafe’.

The Saugus Café back in it’s day! You can see the train station above the “traffic” on the left side.